In today's post-modern world, where traditional seminaries fail to meet the demands of inter-culturalism, multi-faith practices, pluralistic changes in society, technological advances, intrasecular-spiritual growth while our minds-body shifts to the earth's changes, shifts in socio-economic-status, political instability, and humanism at unrest across all faith groups and people... it presents a shift towards a NEW PARADIGM in addressing wholistic wellness, spiritual evolution, and the spiritual formation of humanistic leaders, spiritual teachers, polyfaith healers, and practical chaplains to meet the present demands of the human condition, painful mental models of capture, and burdens of the Soul globally in the most universal and profound ways to receive the Ultimate Supreme Teaching of the "Inner-verse"; "Inner-Visions";  and "Inner-Faith" progression toward awakening the Inner Divinity. 

Our Programs


Req: High School
Completion Diploma

The lay ministers program for the modern day healer and teacher for the New Earth. This is the foundational coursework for the ICCMIN program. Heart & Mind Experience is induced with Source.

Lay Minister

Certification Program


Req: General Education
{Development Program}

The interfaith ministers of the "inner-faith evolutions" of the Modern Day Divine (Wo)Man and Healers of the New Ray's Time. The new generation of Transformative Ministers Training.

Interfaith Ministerial

Ordination (Basic)


Req: General Education
{Development Program}

Practitioners of the New Way of Inner-sanction in the human body of dysfunction with altered and technologically advanced protocols for healing/wholistic ministry. Didactics and Supervision will bring New Earth spiritual formation. 

Wholistic Ministry Certification 


Req: Ministry or Higher Education Required

Advanced Teachers, Evolved Healers, & Professional Ministry Training that offers the path to Ordination, Priesthood, Eldership, Supreme Teachers, and Ranking Authority of the new ways in Spiritual-Inner-Transformation with Religious Degree Conferment. 

Professional Ministry Degree

(Practical Chaplain Option)

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Classes begin in January/February

Our Mission

To educate the psychospiritual, sociohumanistic, physioquantumatic, mentalistic freedom, homosapien-evolutionary evolvement toward comprehensive intrinsic liberty, supernatural freedom, and divine sovereignty to resurrect beyond these human walls contained by ages of tyrannical, pagan, and pre-religious strongholds from allowing us to become our truly, authentic Selves and the innate spiritual power and divine authority we have for co-creation, prosperity, and wholistic wholesomeness to us and eachother... in unceasing love, never-ending trust, and everlasting peace.

Students Success Stories

"I was searching for some adjunctive teaching to add to my spiritual business. I found that the Spiritual Practice Series offered me great hope and guidance to begin my Reiki healing practice. Lastly, I am glad I was coaxed by Student Affairs that I had nothing to worry about regarding the course completions.


Thank you so much! It was a program well worth the time and commitment!"

Kevin John S. 

"I have always been intuitive for my whole life. It switches on and off without control; other times I can command it.


I found the Intuitive Development, Medical Intuitive, and Healing Medium Certifications to the training I was looking for from an official seminary with experienced faculty"

Christine H.

"I grew up in a multi-spiritual family. We had no specific religion per se, but we had traditions and observances that were deeply rooted in spirituality and interfaith theology. Our bible was the astrology and our guides and ancestors were our daily protections. I was so glad to find an alternative major that fit my ministry within the Seminary's Practical Chaplaincy Program."

JC Brant

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